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Production line for insulated sandwich panel

With the aim to combine experience and innovation, flexibility and soundness, specialization and wholeness, four Italian Companies set up ITE Business Network: a brand-new approach to the market needs.

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The Business Network

ITE Business Network is able to supply production line for insulated sandwich panel and it is able to offer to the client its experience of producer with the most updated plant technology. As a consequence, it can provide the Buyer with the most effective assistance for managing the line not only under a technical point of view, but for any commercial matter and for the homologation and international certification (FM, etc.) as well.
All the equipment and devices are planned and arranged according to the Customer’s requirements and manufactured in Italy.

Inside the Business Network, ITE S.r.l will be in charge to discuss and manage the proposal and the contract for the production line as a whole and for some specific part of it towards the Customer. Consequently, the Customer will have the direct contact with ITE S.r.l for all the technical and economic issues related to the contract. Through the structure of the Business Network the Customer will have the complete and the full transparency concerning his suppliers but, on the other side, one front company – ITE S.r.l – capable to run all kind of problems to their positive end.