Utilization fields of ITE Business Network insulated sandwich panels (rigid faces)

The utilization of the sandwich steel/foam panel had a remarkable growth in Europe and all over the world mainly by virtue of its versatility and its technical performances. It finds a huge application in: - all building sectors : in the agro-industrial (cooling chain), in the residential (housing, bungalows), in industrial (factories and warehouses), in the commercial (shopping centers), in the agriculture (stables, poultry farms).


Cold storage is the correct answer for the reduction of waste of foodstuffs and for maintaining and ensuring the best food hygiene. The logistic of the cold chain and, specifically, the right location of the cold stores is the output of a wide range analysis:

  • The food production sites in the homeland;
  • The unloading terminals for the imported food;
  • The quantity and quality of the foodstuff;
  • The strategic facilities involved (ports, roads, railways, etc.);
  • The existing distribution framework;
  • The final destinations of the foodstuff (cities, villages, sanitary structures, army, etc.).
As matter of fact, the storage system goes from the production to the final consumer who is analyzed through:
  • Per capita consumption split by product;
  • Number of inhabitants split by area;
  • Analysis of the current technological structures;
  • Number and type of the imported product;
  • Verification of existing infrastructures;
  • Products for export
Basically, the realization of the "cold chain” is a of a political / strategic policy and an important tool for the growth of the country and, in the developing world, a way for the poverty reduction. It is based on several cold stores of various sizes, linked together by means of refrigerated transport.

The cold chain is a large and important project which involves the entire national community and requires “inter alia”:
  • Sandwich insulation panels;
  • Skilled technicians who will operate in the design, implementation and management of the cold stores and of the cold chain itself.


Residential purpose

The ITE Business Network sandwich panels are characterized by:

  • Easy assembling
  • Lightness with the high load-bearing capacity
  • High degree of insulation and consequently, high energy saving.
Here below please find a comparison with other materials, with the same thermal insulation capacity

Due to all its performances, the ITE Business Network panel is the best solution for the construction of residential houses or part of them, ensuring a high degree of comfort.



In relation to industrial buildings, ITE Business Network panels are easy to install with a high degree of insulation and a considerable bearing capacity, which allows a number of supports reduced and, consequently, a substantial cost saving of the main structure. The more current building solution, with the utilization of the individual corrugated sheets, makes the main structure more expensive and less performing.

As matter of fact, the “traditional solution” needs more support for the lower rigid support and no thermal insulation that means to assembly steel sheets and insulation material “on site”.



Besides the advantages described above, the ease assembling of the ITE Business Network products and their high load bearing capacity, makes easier to achieved the wished architectural shape . Furthermore, the advantage from the point of view of energy saving, due to the high degree of isolation must be taken in the right account.
The malls have large volumes in which the air conditioning is forced in which is essential to ensure the best comfort to the customers.


The ITE Business Network panels are largely used for the construction of stables and livestock (chickens, cattle, etc.).
According to the aggressiveness of the environment, different types of inner surface of the panel (coated sheets, membranes, etc.) are available.
The mechanical performances of the panel ITE Business Network allow reducing the number of intermediate purlins with a remarkable reduction of costs of the supporting structure.
The impermeability of the inner panel surfaces allows cleaning up the internal side of the farm at highest standard of hygiene.


Sectional door

The ITE Business Network keeps inside its wide range of product also the continuous line for the production of insulated sandwich panel for:

  • garage door with a special finger safe joint , cassettes molded and flat or embossed metal face
  • Industrial door with male/ female joint and embossed metal face.

Air conditioning (air duct)

The lightness and rigidity of the panel combined with its high insulation performance made the foam insulating panel perfect for any use and everywhere, in different environment and at the extreme thermal conditions.

Air conditioning (air duct)

Other fields

The ITE Business Network designs and offers continuous production line for other fields requesting panels with other kinds of flexible faces ( i.e. bitumen paper, etc.)